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Ninth Infallible Sayings

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SHAFAQNA-*  He is not from us who does not take the account of himself everyday.
* Oh Hisham! A man is not a Momin till he becomes fearful & hopeful. And he will not become fearful & hopeful unless he acts according to his fears & hopes.
* Indeed, the greatest of all the people is the person who does not consider the world an abode for himself. There is no price of your bodies except the paradise, so, do not sell them without (achieving) it.
* Oh Hisham! There is a proof & logic for every thing & the proof of an intelligent person is his meditation & the proof of meditation is quietness.
* Oh Hisham! Indeed cultivation & growth takes shape in a soft, even land, not in a rocky (barren) land. Similarly, wisdom grows & develops in a humble heart & does not grow in a proud, vain & arrogant heart.
* On the Day of Judgment Allah stops chastisement from getting the person who restrains his anger from affecting other people.
* The worst of the servants of Allah are those whose company is undesirable due to their obscene & filthy language.

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