No difference between Shias and Sunnis in defencing Iraq:Official

SHAFAQNA – The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, has said that the Islamic Republic is religiously duty bound to support the Iraqi people against terrorists and there is no difference between Shias and Sunnis in this endeavor.

Ali Shamkhani made the remarks during a meeting with Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi in Tehran on Tuesday.

Based on the Islamic Revolution’s discourse it is Iran’s wish to establish security and peace in Iraq and other countries in the Mideast region.

He went on to say that strengthening “strategic” ties between Iran and Iraq is not limited to defense areas, adding that economic relations will be expanded soon.

Iraq is entangled in a fierce fight with militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) whose brutalities have exceeded other terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda.

Shamkhani said the ISIL group has been weakened and if some countries stop supplying arms and money to them, it will leave the region soon.

To establish a long-lasting security in Iraq it is essential to focus on domestic solutions and actively involve all people and religious authorities in the country, the Iranian security chief suggested.

He also stated said Iran is determined to continue supporting Iraq to root out terrorism in the country.

For his part, al-Obeidi stated that Iran’s support to Iraq has been key to the victories of the Iraqi army over terrorists.

Al-Obeidi says Iraq and Iraq should cooperate against terrorism

In press conference with his Iranian counterpart on Tuesday, Al-Obeidi also said Iraq and Iran should cooperate with each other in the campaign against terrorism

He also said the new Iraqi government is pushing for establishing ties with all neighbors and other regional countries and “we believe that security in Iraq will have effect on all regional and neighboring countries.”

Iraq and other neighboring countries have “one enemy” and this is dangerous to all, the defense chief noted.




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