Normality returns to Homs – gas production resumes as Homs is secured by Syrian Army

SHAFAQNA – Syrian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Suleiman al-Abbas announced on Wednesday that well No. 7 in Saddad gas field, 60 km southeast of the city of Homs, will be put into service during the next 24 hours with a total production capacity of 500 thousand cubic meters of gas per day.

The Minister visited the site of Saddad gas well No. 7 , near to Saddad town in Homs province, in order to inspect the primary results of cooperation between the Syrian Petroleum Company and the Syrian Gas Company to connect the well to Saddad Gas Plant and put it into service.

He noted that the step will help transfer produced quantities to the gas treatment plant, south of the Central Region, and distribute them to power generating plants.

The Minister affirmed that the move will boost the quantities pf gas delivered to the energy stations, adding it will contribute to compensating for production shortage as the armed terrorist organizations seized a number of production sites in Deir Ezzor, Hasaka and Palmyra.

In turn, Homs Governor, Talal al-Barazi, highlighted oil and gas workers’ efforts side by side with the Syrian Arab army personnel to preserve the strength of Syria’s national economy in spite of all obstacles and difficulties.

Earlier, the Minister toured Saddad Gas Plant and inspected its readiness, calling for conducting regular maintenance to ensure good efficiency and productivity.

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