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Who is not a true friend?

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali (AS) said: If a friend does not support his/her friends in three occasions, that person is not a (real/true) friend; 1) in the height of difficulties. 2) In his/her absence. 3) And after his/her death [1]. It is narrated from Imam Sadeq (AS) who said: Do not consult with the ignorant, and do not seek help from the liar, and do not rely on the friendship of the rulers [2]. In another narration, Imam Sadeq (AS) said: My father advised me: O’ my child, whoever socializes with bad friends will not be safe, and whoever does not control his/her tongue, will regret it, and whoever enters bad places will be subjected to suspicion. And he prohibited me from three kinds of people: A friend who cannot tolerate to see others success; and the one who gets happy by others misfortune; and a rumour-monger [3].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Sobhi Saleh, page 494.

[2] Tohaful Oqool, Page 316.

[3] As Above, Page 376.

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