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Number of Quran Memorizers in Morocco Exceeds One Million

SHAFAQNA-The number of Quran memorizers in Morocco is now more than one million, a member of the Moroccan Scientific Council announced.

According to, Ahmad Al-Umrani, expert in Islamic Shari’a and member of the Scientific Council of the country said that there are more than 1.1 million memorizers of the Holy Quran in Morocco.
He added that the number is raising and thousands of the people memorize the Divine verses every year.
Al-Umrani said that the increase in the number of Quran memorizers has resulted in the formation of a group of Quran activists involved in contemplation in Quran.
There is a new approach towards Quranic activities in Morocco and they are becoming more specialized, he said.
Also addressing the international forum on “contemplation in Quran” held in Morocco last week, Al-Umrani expressed hope that the new Quranic field to be enriched with the innovations of Moroccan people.

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