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Obama Maintains Bush-Era Policies on Torture Cover-Ups – Amnesty

SHAFAQNA – Amnesty International has accused the Obama administration of continuing a policy of shielding people who tortured detainees at secret CIA sites from prosecution.
The Obama administration issued a de facto amnesty for people who took part in torture of detainees at secret CIA sites, human rights advocacy group Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

The CIA torture program had detainees subjected to rectal feeding, hung from a ceiling by the wrists for days, and put into coffins and boxes full of insects, among other shocking forms of torture revealed by the 2014 US Senate torture report.

“No one has been charged for the crimes under international law committed in the CIA programme,” the Amnesty International release said.

Amnesty International called on the US Department of Justice to reopen and expand its investigation into the CIA secret detention and torture program, as well as to disclose its scope.

This arrogation of judicial function by the Obama administration can be seen as a continuation of the Bush administration’s deliberate and calculated removal of the judiciary from any oversight over the secret detentions in question,” the release added.

In February, the European Court of Human Rights judged Poland guilty of taking part in the program, which had detainees subjected to waterboarding as much as 83 times a month.

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