SHAFAQNA – Imām Muhammad Baqir (as) said, 
“A time will come upon the people when their Imam will be ghaib (in occultation). Fortunate are those who remain steadfast on our Imāmat. The least thawab they would receive at that time is that Allāh would address them: O My slaves! Believe in Our secret and testify to our unseen. Good news to you for My good rewards O My slaves! I shall accept your deeds and forgive your sins. I shall quench your thirst with rain and remove calamities from you. And if you people hadn’t been there I would sent chastisement upon them (the world).” 

[Kamaluddin of Shaykh Sadooq, Vol. 1, Pg. 330]

The Ghaybah is one of the greatest tragedies ever visited upon this lowly abode.
O how we long for you, Our Master. Come to our bedside, for we are sick with ignorance and lack our faith. Your medicine is the only one that can cure our ailments!
Our faulty minds have forgotten you! What you said in your glorious revelations has been practically erased from our memories, and we know not where or how or when or why to find you!
We have been kept away from you in a cruel act of fate and heedlessness, yet it is as if we too are Palestinians suddenly in a foreign land, barred from crossing over the erected wall that divides us from ourselves.
O Mahdi, come charging towards us on your noble steed. Make haste towards your lesser ziyarah. Stay, if you will. We wish to give you salams and hold seven thousand and seven haflahs and nathrs for your return from your too-long journey.
By Kawther Rahmani for Shafaqna
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