On Fascism and Social Apathy: Wake up already, the noose is around your neck!

SHAFAQNA – How do you tell a man that the Freedom and Rights he imagined his, belong in fact to others? How do you tell a foolish humanity that instant gratification only buys empty tomorrows? … What a bunch of incoherent thoughts right?

If only … Have you looked around lately? Have you properly looked around and stopped staring at your navel long enough to notice that Fascism is claiming more copious amount of flesh every day? Do you even know what tyranny look like outside the little social media bubble and entertainment complex our respective governments created around us?

Yes, I’m being scathing and over harshly sarcastic. Have you been reading the news? How much bloodshed are we prepared to ignore before calling the cavalry? How much suffering, torturing, censoring, exclusion, radicalism, and down-right inhumane insanity are we willing to play blind and deaf to before we actually grab onto those straps of ours and pull?

Do you still think you stand upright? I beg to differ … we all have spent much too much time and efforts bowing to Society’s construct to remember what it feels like to move under our steam. As we continue to ignore the calls of the oppressed, God knows they are legions, we can only ever hope to be called drones.

What humanity is my question? I am serious when I ask: where has our humanity gone to? Are we so far gone down that rabbit hole that we have given up on those values which once held us up straight: compassion, empathy, mercy …

In a few days Muslims will celebrate the holy month of Muharram, and yet it seems we all have forgotten what message hid in the sacrifices made. How good is remembrance if emptied of wisdom?

How good are our tears if we do not act as our Imams would have commanded us? How well are we remembering the Purified and Blessed House of our Prophet Muhammad if we deny the Message it imparted?

Are we not replaying the tragedy of Karbala when we close our ears to injustice? Are we not somewhat denying our Imams’ sacrifice when we answer not their command and offer assistance when assistance is due, and instead choose apathy?

Fascism has become so fiercely global and mainstream that we all have grown accustomed to its bite.

Today Islam faces annihilation by the hands of impudent bigots whose understanding of the Scriptures cannot pass their throats. Today Muslim communities stand besieged, abandoned by their kin, shun by a secularist world which has declared war on God.

Where will you be when the hour strikes and the call is made?

Where will you be when he returns and your name is called upon?

Will you stand behind your Imams and claim the Ummah of Muhammad to be your own, or will you be of those who erred?

If Islam remains a blessing it also requires your courage. Faith commands obedience, and obedient we have not been!

We were commanded: “Hold on to the rope of Allah, and do not disunite.”

This year has proven trying and heart-breaking: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria … how many innocent lives lost to War’s cannons, how many children lost to the vengeful blade of Wahhabism, how many injustices have we failed to rectify?

As you call out your Imam’s name remember what he stood for, fought for and died for. Honour his deeds, and act as he would command you. Be honourable and true in your worship; stand in unity and solidarity with all communities regardless of their creed and see in them God’s Creation.


“Whithersoever ye turn; there is still the presence of Allah. For Allah is all-Pervading, all-Knowing.”

So that when you cry out: Hussain, it is with the promise of following in his footsteps. So that when your arms rise and your fists form it is in an oath of allegiance to the House and not that of another.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna




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