One essential condition for acceptance of deeds by God

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: I swear to the One who appointed me as a prophet, if a person on the Day of Judgment when meeting God, has the deeds of 70 prophets with him/her but has no guardianship from Imam of his time, Allah (SWT) will not accept any of his/her obligatory or recommended deeds [1].

Explanation of the Hadith (narration)

The guardianship (Welaya) of an infallible who has the command of God (waliyeh-Amr) is a heartfelt bond with Imam Zamaan (Imam Mahdi; AJ). If a Muslim does not possess this bond and belief, then it is mentioned in the narration that even if (just as a supposition) he/she meets God with deeds of 70 prophets, none of the obligatory or recommended deeds of that person will be accepted by God; meaning that there is one essential condition for deeds to be accepted by God and that condition is for a Muslim to have the heartfelt bond and believe in the Imamate of the infallible Imam of the time. Therefore believe in Imam of the time must be accompanied with good deeds, as they are like 2 wings which neither on its own can have any use and whenever they are together can help a human being to fly and cause him/her to ascend to lofty positions.

[1] Amaali of Sheikh Mofeed, Narration Number 8, Page 115.

Explanation by: The late Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani

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