“Our religious policy is the best in the world,” Mr Abudulrekep china scholar

SHAFAQNA – According to Telegraph newspaper report said ” A prominent Islamic leader from China’s violence-stricken west has claimed the Communist Party’s religious policies are the “best in the world”, despite activists accusing Beijing of waging an increasingly repressive campaign against religion. Speaking on Tuesday morning, Abudulrekep Tumniyaz, a pro-government cleric, painted an unusually rosy picture of religious affairs in Xinjiang, a sprawling border region that is currently witnessing a major government offensive against religious extremism and terrorism.Report added : “Our religious policy is the best in the world,” Mr Abudulrekep, the dean of the Xinjiang Islamic Institute, told a session of China’s annual rubber stamp parliament. “In Xinjiang people can choose freely [which religion to follow],” the 52-year-old imam added.

where as “stepped up already onerous restrictions on Islam with the stated aim of fighting ‘violent terrorism and religious extremism’,” Amnesty International claimed in a report released last month.

Source : Telegraph newspaper

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