Pakistan Ambassador reveals shocking numbers: 30,000 naturalized Pakistanis in Bahrain

SHAFAQNA – The Pakistani Ambassador to Bahrain revealed, based on official statistics, that there are around 25,000 to 30, 3000 Pakistanis holding Bahraini passports. This included 5000 on waiting lists, he said. Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the real numbers are even higher. Yet, the published numbers are shocking and indicate a serious systematic crime against the people of Bahrain. Bahrain’s identity, security, resources and future are under threat due to the corrupt authoritarian rule.

Al Wefaq called on Pakistanis holding Bahraini nationality to go back to their original Pakistani nationality as they have been given the Bahraini nationality as part of a temporary and dirty political game. As soon as this game is over these Pakistanis will be stateless if they abandon their original Pakistani nationality, Al Wefaq added.

Al Wefaq stressed that the political naturalization project is a major crime against the people of Bahrain. This crime is a serious threat to national security and civil peace and will bring on economic, cultural and social crisis. Such a chaotic and unlawful practice is also a threat to the region.

Al Wefaq called on the United Nations and international foundations to protect the indigenous people of Bahrain from the unelected ruling authority which lacks legitimacy and real representation of the people.

Bahrain is facing an increasing financial crisis with national debt rising and oil prices going down. More than 50,000 Bahraini families are on the waiting lists for governmental housing, many have been waiting for more than 20 years now. Bahrain is also failing to provide adequate State-services to its citizens. Thousands of Bahraini graduates remain jobless. Public lands and sea-coasts are either looted or sold to private investors with hardly anything left to the people.

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