Pakistan internal Security threats and Indian border pressure: Shafaqna Exclusive


Pakistan has been seriously considering to eliminate terrorism at least at this juncture of history and entire military and political leadership is huddled to chalk out a conceive policy to get rid of this menace. For more than three generations, Pakistan’s security policy and the dominant national narrative have positioned India as the primary and existential threat to Pakistan. The two countries fought four wars (in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999), with the last in the shadow of nuclear missiles. Pakistan’s army built up its capacity in response to India’s military power at the expense of the country’s economic development. The very idea of Pakistan is tied to the perception that India is a dangerous place for Muslims. Thus a constant rivalry has been established between both.

Now Where Pakistan is busy to tackle its internal security problems, India is trying to put pressure on Pakistan through border skirmishes, whether it is an attempt to divert Pakistan attention from internal security to Eastern border? If it is really truth what are Indian motives than?

Now there can be two conditions, Either India does not want Pakistan to get rid of this menace and remain engage with homegrown terrorist for long time so that it could not destabilize India through Kashmir insurgency and second one is Perhaps India as thought supporting militancy in Pakistan, does not want to get rid of it and could not focus on Afghanistan which was once considered as a strategic depth by Pakistan and India could set his foots in Afghanistan.

In both the cases India is playing with fire by diverting Pakistan’s attentions towards border security because these terrorists even never let their masters and it could engulf India as well. Thus it should avoid border skirmishes and diverting Pakistan’s attention.


Fayyaz Ahmed Mughal

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