Pakistan : MWM, ISO demand action against seminaries involved in terrorism

SHAFAQNA – Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Imamia Students Organisations have demanded of the government to launch a crackdown on those religious seminaries who are involved in ongoing terrorism across Pakistan.

Mubashir Hassan, Maulana Ali Anwar, Maulana Sadiq Jafari, Ghayoor Abbas and Maulana Ahsan Danish made this demand at a joint press conference here in Karachi on Saturday.

They said that Chittian Hatian Imam Bargah bombing was in continuation of Peshawar Massacre. They said that Shia Muslims sacrificed their lives for the sake of sanctity of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), last apostle and Prophet of God. They said that Shia Muslims were proud to embrace martyrdoms while celebrating Eid Milad ul Nabi (PBUH) in Chattian Hatian Imam Bargah.

They said that government was well aware of the fact that many seminaries were patronizing he takfiri fanaticism and terrorism in all over Pakistan. They said that name of some seminaries and clerics were disclosed by the police in report that was made known to some newspapers as well. They said that federal interior minister also publicly said of their involvement in terrorism.

The MWM and the ISO’s officials further said that takfiri terrorists continued genocide against Shia Muslims in all over Pakistan mainly in Karachi. They said that 6 Shia Muslims were martyred in first 10 days of New Year. They said that religious seminaries were involved in genocide against Shia Muslims. They demanded that due action be taken against the involved seminaries and clerics alongside outlawed takfiri terrorist outfit.

They urged the APNS, CPNE, PEMRA and all relevant media people to ensure that takfiri fanatics and terrorists should not get media projection under any pretext. They said that media must condemn the takfiri fanatics and terrorists instead of broadcasting or printing their news aimed at their projection.

They said that army was engaged in military action but an ideological war and psychological war was also needed to crush the terrorists. They urged political parties and media to launch this ideological war to counter the propaganda war of the takfiris.

Source : Shia Post

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