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Pakistan Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid sacks after pledging allegiance to (IS).

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – The militants said he had been replaced but did not name his successor. A statement reiterated support for Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar. It emerged last week that Shahidullah Shahid and five other Pakistan Taliban (TTP) commanders had defected to IS which controls parts of Iraq and Syria. Analysts say IS poses a challenge to Taliban, al-Qaeda and other militants. The TTP statement said Shahidullah Shahid was a nom de guerre and its former spokesman’s real name was Sheikh Maqbool.

BBC Urdu’s Haroon Rashid in Islamabad says these are further signs of splits within the Pakistani Taliban, which is already divided. Last week, a senior TTP leader confirmed to our correspondent that Shahidullah Shahid and the five other senior figures had left because they had doubts about the leadership of Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Taliban Pakistan, which is facing a hard time, because of the military campaign extended waged by the Pakistani army in the north, south and Zarastan, The Unexplained, isolating spokesman Shahidulla Shahid, who has recently published a video, showing the pledge allegiance, and five leaders of the Taliban to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , which is seen as the reason behind sacking Shahid from office. Tahir Khan, a Pakistani journalist says, “We have contacted the leadership of the Taliban, and they assured me that the characters that trading the news media to isolation , it was for nearly three months, before the declaration of allegiance to Daash, but the movement remained silent on the matter of the special circumstances.”

According to observers, Pakistan is considered one of the most important countries on the map Daash, as a rich ground for recruiting and training fighters.Says Sultan Haley, retired colonel from the Air Force of Pakistan, “In fact, Pakistan on the agenda Daash for rich land and fighters with experience and training places, conversant carried out by the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but do not know what Daash that the fighters here are starting to finish gradually.”

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