Pakistani Grand Mufti: Taliban is a terrorist group and acting against Islam

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Rafi Othmani, the Pakistani Grand Mufti said: Those who kill innocent children are oppressors. He added: Taliban are terrorists and act against Islam. Most Pakistani scholars supported Othmani. Othmani continued by saying: The killings in Peshawar is a shame for humanity and if the perpetrators had any humanity in them would not prove their existence by killing innocent children, with this act their bravery cannot be proved, on the contrary it showed that Taliban are cowards. Grand Mufti announced: The time has come for people of Pakistan to unite against terrorism and political and religious groups reach agreement to combat para-military groups. In the past Mufti Othmani supported Taliban but his current opposition to para-military groups is important.

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