Palestinian Health Ministry calls for opening Rafah crossing

SHAFAQNA – The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza Strip called Tuesday on the Egyptian authorities to reopen Rafah border crossing and to alleviate the suffering of thousands of sick people.

Spokesman for Health Ministry Ashraf al-Qudra said the health conditions of thousands of patients have notably deteriorated and need an urgent medical intervention in light of the continued unfair siege on the Strip.

Closing the Rafah crossing for three consecutive months left thousands of sick people stranded at the Egyptian side of the crossing, he further noted.

Al-Qudra stressed the urgent need for allowing the entry of medical and humanitarian convoys into the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian authorities have been closing the Rafah crossing, the only gateway into and out of the besieged Gaza Strip, since October, 2013. It was partially opened for few days for the travel of few sick people, students, and the humanitarian cases.

Since the beginning of 2016, the Rafah crossing was opened for only three days while thousands of sick people and students are desperate to get out for medical treatment abroad or to continue their studies.

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