Date :Monday, January 29th, 2018 | Time : 10:54 |ID: 58758 | Print

Palestinian protests escalated in Nablus against UNRWA cuts

SHAFAQNA – Further protest steps were witnessed on Sunday in Nablus against cuts in the services provided by UNRWA to Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian activists and citizens from Nablus’s refugee camps gathered near the Agency’s headquarters in Rafidia neighborhood and decided to close it and prevent the staff from entering it until further notice.

Teachers and students of UNRWA schools in Nablus participated in different marches calling on the UN Agency to reverse its latest decisions and protect the rights of refugees.

Activist Emad Shtewi reported that the protests included all West Bank refugee camps in rejection of the UNRWA Commissioner-General’s decision to reduce the UNRWA educational and health services, and his refusal to backtrack on his decision to dismiss 158 diploma holders working in the education sector.

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