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Palestinian Student Memorizes Quran in 17 Days


A Palestinian university student has managed to learn the entire Quran by heart in just 17 days.

Subh Wajih al-Qiq, who studies plasma physics at a university in the Gaza Strip, is the first one in Palestine to memorize the entire Quran in such a short period of time, the Palestineonline website reported.
He said learning the Quran by heart was always his aspiration. “I have now managed to memorize this sacred book with the help of God.”
Al-Qiq has written about the method he has used in a book titled “How to Memorize the Quran in Less than 30 Days”.
The Holy Quran, Islam’s Sacred Book, has 30 Juzes and 6,236 verses.
Muslims around the world strive to memorize as many verses from the Quran as they can.
But there are not many who learn the entire book by heart, let alone in such a short time.

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