“Paris must invent a balance within Islam,” says French PM

SHAFAQNA – In recent comments to the press, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a man who has been long been an advocate for secularism, and laicism is now calling for Islam to be reinvented so that it matches with France’s republican values.

While I respect the idea that France is entitled to its rules and regulations, and while I cannot imagine Muslims living in France having any other ambitions but to follow the rule of law, if in fact they want to remain on French territory – by the way Islam commands for all to abide by the legislation of their respective countries, I draw a strong line at the intention behind PM Valls’ comment.

What PM Valls is implying is that Islam needs reforming. Dear prime minister your office does not give you authority over God. Islam can neither be reformed nor can it be reinvented since its source is absolutely divine.

Now, what can be done, and should be done is differentiate in between those who call themselves of Islam and act butchers of nations, and those who are of Islam, and truly hold to its Scriptures.

Islam is not the evil you were told. Islam it needs to be said AGAIN, is not a devilish religious cult which calls for the objectification of women … this show airs on Entertainment and features the Kardashians!

Islam rises individuals above their pettiness and need for material validation. Islam teaches woman to respect themselves and prize the sanctity of their body, for their beauty should never be traded off. Islam offers sanctuary for those whose aspirations lie beyond men’s immediate worldly ambitions.

Islam speaks of the courage of women, the true worth of women … it honours and celebrate women to such an extent that God laid out the Heavens at the feet of mothers. Three times our prophet testified, and forever inscribed, the privilege station of mothers above that of fathers.

Do not turn your faces to Saudi Arabia and tell me of Islam … the Quran there has fallen silent as its verses have been corrupted by a diseased elite.

Do not speak to me of Sharia law when all you know of it is that which is applied in the Wahhabi kingdom.

If reformation needs indeed to take place it would be in Western governments’ manner of thinking … YOU let the devil in. WE warned you against the heresy and ignominy of Wahhabism, WE told you of the violence and extremism of this dangerous ideology you felt you could control for it promised vast wealth.

Do not blame a faith for the murderous policies you carried and still don’t have the courage to own up to.

Yes, France and the rest of the world faces a mortal threat.

We know this threat only too well as we have bled under it for several centuries. We watched you nurture this giant snake … we stood in anger as you called it friend and ally, we denounced you when its army destroyed our cities and our communities.

Now that it has come to harm you, you want to blame us?

Blame us you cannot prime minister Valls. Blame you, we shall prime minister Valls.

But I will say this:

If indeed you are serious about cutting Terror’s head, we shall stand with you, and by your side we shall stay until this evil is gone and France security, the world security is restored.

If it is help you are asking for Islam I’m certain will never turn you away … provisioning your intentions are true.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna



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