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Pemra issues notice to Geo over breach of Law

SHAFAQNA – Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has issued a show cause notice to M/s Independent Media Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd (Geo News). Following is the text of the notice: “Reference: Talk Show Programme “Naya Pakistan” hosted by Mr. Talat Hussain (Anchor-person) aired on Geo News on 22nd February 2015 starting from 2005 hours with takfiri Dobandi Chief terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba aka Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat, Ahmed Ludhianvi as Guest in the second part of the programme.

Whereas, a number of complaints have been received by Authority about the content of the referred that has been termed as derogatory about a particular sect.

And Whereas, such act is violation of Section 20 ( c ) of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007 read with clauses 1 (a), (c), (e) & (h) of Code of Conduct for Media Broadcasters provided in schedule-A of the PEMRA Rules 2009. The same are proposed here:

Term and condition of license: A person who is issued a license under this Ordinance shall.

( c) ensure that all programmes and advertisements do not contain or encourage violence, terrorism, racial, ethnic or religious discrimination, sectarianism, extremism, militancy, hatred, pornography, obscenity, vulgarity or other material offensive to community accepted standards of decency;

Code of Conduct for Media Broadcasters

No programme shall be aired which:

Passes derogatory remarks about any religion or sect or community or uses visuals or words contemptuous of religious sects and ethnic groups or which promotes communal and sectarian attitudes or disharmony;

Contain an abusive comment that, when taken in context, tends to or is likely to expose an individual or a group or class of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race or caste, national, ethnic or linguistic origin, colour, or religion or sect, sex, sexual orientation, age or mental physical disability.

Is likely to encourage and incite violence or contains anything against maintenance of law and order or which promotes anti-national or anti-state attitudes;

Maligns or slanders any individuals in person or certain groups, segments of social, public and moral life of the country;

And Whereas, the above mentioned violation of PEMRA laws may invoke appropriate legal action under Section 29 and 30 of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA Act 2007.

Now therefore, M/s Independent Media Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd (Geo News) is hereby directed to immediately stop airing any such content in violation of PEMRA laws, and also show cause in writing within fourteen (14) days of issuance of this notice as to why appropriate legal action may not be taken against you for the above referred violations under the relevant provisions of PEMRA laws.

Also, communicate in writing if you or your representative(s) intend(s) to be heard in person. In case of non compliance, the Authority may proceed ex-parte in accordance with the PEMRA Laws.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.”

Talat Hussain didn’t reveal anything about the banned terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP aka ASWJ) that Pakistanis didn’t know. As a critic said, it only resolved the mystery that the ASWJ’s 30 years of Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir sloganeering couldn’t – it’s a sectarian outfit!

Talat Hussain’s program only gave legitimacy and promotion to a takfiri terrorist. It was a blatant attempt by an agency mole to humanize and mainstream-ize a takfiri terrorist outfit which is treated as an asset by certain pro-Deobandi pro-Taliban elements in Pakistani establishment.

Source : Shia Post

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