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Photos: Delegations of Britain and America had the Honor to visit the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (A.S)

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SHAFAQNA- Imam Ali : A delegation from the al-Urwah al-Wuthqa Association, including a number of High-Degree holders from Britain and America, visited the Holy Shrine of the Commander of the Faithful (PBUH). The delegation met with the member of the Board of Directors Mr. Fa’iq al-Shimmary.

The Executive Director of the al-Urwah al-Wuthqa Association in Britain, Mr. Hassan Al-Hakim, said: “This association annually organizes foreign delegations to visit the Imam Ali (PBUH) Holy Shrine and the offices of the grand marjas in Najaf as well as the holy shrines in Samarra, Kadhimiya and Karbala.”

They expressed their appreciation and deep gratitude of the efforts and warm hospitality of the Holy Shrine.

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