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Photos of Iraq Captured in the Second Half of 20th Century

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SHAFAQNA: Mr. Latif Al Ani is regarded as the founder of Iraqi photography. His pictures are mostly in black and white from everyday moments of Iraqi life, in a time between the revolutions, coups and wars that shaped modern Iraq, to show the history of Iraq and also the collisions of old traditions with modernity.

In the late 1970s, Mr. Ani stopped taking pictures when the country fell into dictatorship. But then, through Ruya Foundation, an Iraqi arts foundation run by Tamara Chalabi, his photos are being exhibited in many countries like France, Italy, London, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.


Women shopping in Baghdad in 1964.


Eid festivities in Baghdad, 1959.


A jeweller in Baghdad, 1960.


The ancient city of Babylon, 1970.


A European tourist with a shepherd on the road to the south of Baghdad, 1962.


On the way to Damascus, 1955.


A police van in Cairo, 1964 or 1965.


An American couple at Taq Kasra, Al Mada’in, Salman Pak, near Baghdad, 1965.


Yarmouk, in Baghdad, 1962.

Source: New York Times


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