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Photos: Successful Afghan immigrants in Iran

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SHAFAQNA:  Afghanistan has been catastrophically impacted by long wars for many years while this country was once a part of Iran.

Lack of security in Afghanistan has caused its people to immigrate to other countries. Since Iran is the neighbour of Afghanistan and the two countries have common cultural and historical backgrounds and a same language, Afghanistan people prefer to immigrate to Iran for its security and better living conditions. According to statistics, there are nearly three million Afghans who live in Iran. Since Afghans can continue education, cultural activities and any other key areas in Iran, some of them could develop and be professionals in their jobs.

Hossein Sadeghi, 39, is a Wushu player who was born in Afghanistan. He started practicing Wushu at age 9. Then he immigrated to Iran with his family to improve in Wushu. He was trained by the founder of Wushu in Iran, Master Sohrab Zadeh.


Nabi Zadeh graduated from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Metallurgy. He got 4th ranking of MA entrance exam in the current Persian year. He is also a member of Afghanistan’s Metallurgy association.


Mohammad Etemadi, 28, is a doctor who was born in Mashhad city of Iran. His family immigrated from Ghor province of Afghanistan to Mashhad city. His father is a cleric and his mother is a midwife who graduated from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. He has also managed to won first, second and third places of Quran memorization competitions of university students for three years.


Mohammad Alizadeh, 29, is a clinical psychologist who was born in Mashhad city of Iran. His family immigrated to Iran forty years ago because of Afghanistan’s insecurity.


Seyyed Zoheir Mojahed, 35, is a cleric who was born in Fariman city of Razavi Khorasan province. His father is also a cleric. He has a BA in film directing.


Zahra Hossein Zadeh, 39, has an MA in Philosophy. Her family immigrated to Iran when she was one year old. She is also a poet.


Seyyed Abd-al-Hamid Ma’asoumi, 71, is a doctor who lives in Iran. He graduated from Kabul University. He decided to immigrate to Iran in 1976 as Afghanistan was occupied by the Union Soviet at that time.


Haniyeh Mohammadi is an international champion in taekwondo and a coach who has been practicing this sport for thirteen years.


Seyyed Jamal-al-Din Sajjadi, 33, was born in Mashhad city. He is a correspondent and his father was a revolutionist of Afghanistan who had a close relationship with Imam Khomeini. He works with different news agencies of Iran.


Baran Sajjadi is an Afghan poet who was born in Mashhad city of Iran. She is the resident of Canada. “With all my happy and bitter memories, I like living in Iran and it’s inspiring for me,” she said. Baran Sajjadi graduated from Ferdowsi University in Geography.

Zahra Mohammadi was born in Mashhad city of Iran and has got her BA in Paining. She is also a correspondent. Her main activity is in painting, clothes design and interior design services.


Reza Mohammad, 35, was born in Mashhad city. His family immigrated to Iran 37 years ago. He teaches violin and guitar and has a recording studio.


Mohammad Jafari, 42, has a BA in education sciences from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. He is a painter and is in charge of Art House of Afghanistan in Mashhad. He was also the director of UN’s social projects for disabled people.


Reza Heydari Shah Bidak, 36, immigrated to Iran in 1991. He is in charge of Every day Golshahr’ photographers who show the life of Afghan immigrants to Iran.


Seyyed Aboutaleb Mozafari was born in 1965 in Afghanistan. He then immigrated to Iran. He is a cleric and is active in journalism, poetry and cultural researches.


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