PIC/ Islamic-Christian Commission condemns settlement construction in OJ

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The Islamic-Christian Commission in support of Jerusalem and holy sites strongly condemned the Israeli Municipality’s approval of the establishment of a religious school in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.

General Director of the commission Hanna Issa said in a statement on Saturday that the Israeli occupation authorities have resumed settlement expansion and violations against Islamic and Christian holy sites in occupied Jerusalem following the end of the Israeli war on Gaza.

The resumption of settlement expansion coincides with the Israeli right wing’s calls for resuming and intensifying Judaization plans in occupied Jerusalem, he added.

Issa denounced rabbi Eldad Shmuel’s incitement against Palestinian Christians after he said: “Christianity is not less dangerous than Islam. The Arabs may be coming at us with explosions and the Christians come wearing ties, but they are no less dangerous.”

Such statements prove that the conflict against Israeli is a religious, ideological and political conflict, Issa added.

On the other hand, MP for Hamas parliamentary bloc Khaled Tafesh stated that the state of cautious calm in the West Bank is only temporary in light of Israeli frequent attacks, escalated settlement expansion and Judaization schemes.

He warned that these violations and attacks would lead to a general explosion of the situation.


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