PIC/Even the Nazis didn’t brag about their crimes

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-The Nazis didn’t brag about the concentration camps, but Zionist Jews are quite boastful about bombing crowded apartment buildings in Gaza.

In recent days and weeks, I have been exchanging arguments about the recent Israeli holocaust in Gaza with Jewish supremacists, people who would defend Israel and Jewish Nazism to their last breath. 
These thugs would vociferously and rudely protest any comparison of Israel and its actions with Nazi Germany and its actions. However, when the thoughtless thugs are cornered, they simply resort to cursing, swearing and name-calling. But using such a manifestly abusive discourse won’t help them. On the contrary, it exposes their bankruptcy and moral depravity as well as the cheapness of their characters.
As to the Zionist-Nazi analogy, there is always a preponderance of evidence which underscores the nefarious nature of Israeli behavior. This is, of course, not a novel discovery. Israel, from its very inception, behaved in a Nazi-like manner. Some Israeli-Jewish historians recognize this fact, although some of them try to justify this evil, citing situational ethics and the dilemmas then facing the terrorist Jewish gangs.
The truth of the matter, however, is that the Zionist movement adopted the Nazi approach as its main modus operandi as a matter of ideology.
Zionism had no other set of ethics, no other ideology.
The Nazi Master race was simply replaced with “the chosen people.” The German Untermenschen was replaced with “the Goyem” and the Lebensraum policy was replaced with the settlement policy. As to the Hitler Youth, it was replaced with “Gush Emunim.” In fact, every Nazi concept and behavior, especially the pornographic violence against civilians, was copied into the Judeo-Nazis movement. In Israel, this is called collective punishment, whereby hundreds or thousands of Palestinian civilians are massacred and maimed and hundreds or thousands of homes are utterly destroyed in order to avenge the death of a Jewish settler.
In fact, an honest and objective appraisal of Israeli behavior shows that Zionist Jews have actually made huge strides in emulating the Nazis. The Nazis, for example, made only minimal efforts to justify their diabolical crimes using religion. In Israel, however, prominent Jewish rabbis never flinched from justifying, even glorifying Israel’s crimes against humanity by quoting the Old Testament, the Talmud, and by issuing religious edicts, permitting the mass slaughter of civilians, including children. 
This should make honest people whose loyalty belongs to their conscience proclaim in broad daylight that Zionist Jews have actually emulated and superseded the Nazis in this particular dimension, namely using religion to justify genocide.
Judeo Nazi supremacists would scoff at any Nazi-Zionist comparison, arguing that had the Palestinians suffered even half the number of victims that Jews suffered under the Nazis, the Palestinians would have disappeared from the face of earth.
But this is a spurious argument. After all, genocide is not only about the number of victims. Indeed, if it were about solely about numbers, one would ask “where would the counting stop before we recognize genocide as genocide or a holocaust as a holocaust?”
For example, would the murder of 6 million minus one be called genocide?  I am delving into this absurdity because according to the pathetic Judeo Nazis, the answer is an absolute “No”. After all, these sick people want to keep the big lie intact, namely that Jewish pain and suffering is unique and incomparable. This way would enable Israel firsters to invoke the six-million mantra whenever it is expedient, e.g. to justify Israel’s genocidal crimes against the Palestinians. 
Regurgitating the big lie would probably remain innocuous were it not for the fact that Nazi-Israel continues to indulge in regular massacres of innocent civilians without the slightest compunction or feeling of guilt. Why is this? Well, because, according to the morbid Zionist logic, as long as the number of Palestinian casualties doesn’t reach the six-million figure, there is no room for castigating Israel or comparing its behavior with Nazi behavior.
But nefarious criminality, including Nazi criminality, is also about a nefarious mindset, a satanically racist mentality, an evil moral system and the utter callousness to murder. We all know and the whole world knows that Israel dearly espouses these evil characters which should make comparisons with the Nazis perfectly legitimate and accurate. 
The Nazis, as far as this writer knows, didn’t brag about sending children to concentration camps. But the Zionists are openly gleefully celebrating bringing concentration camps to Gaza children? Just watch the Israeli media and see for yourselves the extent to which Israel has emulated and superseded its ideological precursors.


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