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PIC/Netanyahu appoints new coordinator on prisoner swap deals

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-sraeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Lior Lotan, a retired IOF Colonel,  as the new coordinator of negotiations over captured Israeli soldiers and projected prisoner swap deals.

Earlier, Hamas senior leader Mushir al-Masri denied claims released by Israeli media sources on a pending prisoner swap deal to be struck with Hamas in return for the bodies of the two Israeli occupation soldiers, Goldin and Sharul.

Israeli political analysts said Netanyahu’s nomination of Lotan to oversee the negotiations, is a sign of a looming prisoner swap deal estimated to be as fruitful as the historic Wafa al-Ahrar deal.

Lotan will replace David Meidan, who retired the role after filling the coordinator position for the past three years and had taken part in the negotiations of the legendary Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner swap deal.

“Israel is obliged to bring back its missing soldiers home,” Netanyahu claimed. “I would like to thank David Meidan for his devotion and professionalism in filling his role and congratulate Lior Lotan for volunteering to take over.”

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