Placing Abu Hanifa Imam of the Deobandi Nasibis under the microscope

SHAFAQNA- Wake up call for the Deobandis Deobandis you have been misled by your Ulema saying we are kafir because we dont believe in Abu Bakr and Umar, we have countered this by showing you that your Ulema have been declared kafir by the Ahlul Sunnah! They were declared kafir even though they believed in Abu Bakr and Umar so youre damned if you do and your damned if you dont!( see note below) You Nasibis have done your utmost to create fitna against the Shia, for cursing the Sahaba there is no proof from the Quran that not believing / disrespecting or cursing Abu Bakr and Umar makes you a kafir Your own books are replete with insults on the Sahaba.

The biggest irony is the fact that had these modern day Nasibis bothered to read (one presumes that they can) the works of their own classical Nasibi Imams they would have discovered that cursing Abu Bakr and Umar does NOT make you a kafir. We have discussed this matter in our article The creed of the Shia explained.

There are even kufr Fatwas on your beloved Imam Abu Hanifa.

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