Please remember who you are! – rights activists cry out

SHAFAQNA –With Yemen literally cracking under the strain of a war which has been as savage as it has been relentless, Yemeni rights activists are calling for a respite in the fighting, urging not politicians and governments to act but for the people of Arabia and Islam to remember who they are!

Following is a letter from Huda Mohammed, a right activist in Sana’a, Yemen.

To whoever will listen:

“In the name of God the most merciful and most compassionate.

Remember who you are people of Mohammed (PBUH)! Have you forgotten the oath your forefathers once took before the last prophet of God? Have you forgotten that for every innocent blood which is spilled it is your faith and salvation which you are throwing away? Have you forgotten the blessed guidance and the suffering which were spent toward your salvation?

Does Islam mean so little to you that you are willingly following into the footsteps of tyrants who wish us all to die in their shackles?

Have we become like froth on the ocean? Is there no voice to speak for Yemen? Is there no man willing to fight for the women and children of women?

You have been silent when Palestine bled. You said nothing when Syria cried and Iraq burnt.

You looked on as Libya cowered in darkness.

You stood by as Bahrain was ripped apart.

Will you do nothing as Yemen crumbles into dust?Does your faith amount to so little that you are willing to disavow your forefathers and forfeit your lines?

For every fallen child, it is your faith which is chipped away, it is your soul which will carry this burden.

Courage, true courage means making a stand when it is most hard and most hopeless. True courage is standing still when all hope has gone and all friends have deserted.

Among the ruins, among our dead and on our bleeding land we will stand against the oppressors, we will stand until there is no ground under our feet to carry us.

Where will you stand? Will you not remember the lessons of Karbala? Will you allow another Yazid, another Muawiyah to tear at the Muslim community.

Will you not honor those who before you stood when death was but a certainty.

Will you let your fears become your guidance or will you remember who you are?”

Huda lost both her parents and her sister last week, when a Saudi-led airstrike targeted Faj Attan area in Sana’a, the capital.

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