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I bow to God in gratitude,

And I find the moon is also busy

Doing the same.

I bow to God in great happiness,

And I learn from where the suns

And the children

And my heart

All borrow their Light.

I bow to the Friend in deep reverence,

And discover a marvellous secret carried in the air.

This whole Universe is just as blessed

And divinely crazed as I,

And just as lost in this Wonderful Holy Dance.

My dear,

After such a long, long journey,

God has made another soul Free!

Now all Hafiz wants to do,

Is open a beautiful Tavern

Where this Sacred Wine

Of God’s Truth, Knowledge and Love,

If forever and ever

Freely offered to you.

O bow to God in gratitude,

And some day

You will see how

The moon is also busy doing the same.

Poem by: Muhammad Hafiz Shirazi

Source: “I heard God laughing” Renderings of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky

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