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Police, anti-austerity protesters clash in Quebec

SHAFAQNA – A demonstration against austerity policies in Quebec City in eastern Canada has led to confrontation with the police, who used teargas to disperse the protesters. The protest took place outside the National Assembly building on Thursday. Police arrested dozens of anti-austerity protesters during a student demonstration in Quebec City on Tuesday, when hundreds took to the city’s downtown. The students were marching against government cuts which they believe will negatively impact public-sector workers.

The police called the move illegal since the protesters had not provided their itinerary from the outset. The protest, which had been organized by the anti-capitalist Revolutionary Student Movement, led to “two mass arrests,” according to the law enforcement.

Tens of thousands of students have gone on strike in the city, as well as in the cities of Chicoutimi and Montreal.

The Tuesday demonstration in Montreal also saw police firing teargas and were reportedly ready to use rubber bullets and sound bombs.

Students have been protesting across Canada’s province of Quebec since February 2012 in a bid to add up pressure on the provincial government to drop a plan to increase tuition fees. Some of the demonstrations have turned violent, with many students detained during clashes with police.

Source : Press TV

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