Poll: Swiss oppose proposed immigration limitations


SHAFAQNA(Shia International News Association)- A poll shows Swiss nationals have opposed proposals, slated to be put to a national vote, to implement strict limitations on immigration laws.

Based on figures released by Berne-based research institute GfS Bern, 56 percent of the voters say they will oppose the immigration initiative proposed by environmentalist group Ecopop in the November 30 national vote.

The initiative, which is also opposed by the Swiss government, seeks to limit the number of new immigrants at 0.2 percent of the country’s resident population, a figure that translates to around 16,000 people per year.

It also proposes that 10 percent of Switzerland’s overseas development aid budget be reallocated to family planning.

According to Ecopop, Switzerland’s land and natural resources are being put under too much pressure by immigrants as residents’ frustration in relation to hiking rents and crowded public transport is on the rise.

Foreigners comprise a quarter of Switzerland’s eight million population.








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