Is it possible to involve in discussions about Irfan/Gnosticism? The Grand Ayatollah Rouhani’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadeq Rouhani answered questions about Irfan/Gnosticism.

What is your opinion about Irfan? Can I get involved in discussions about Irfan or not?

The Grand Ayatollah Rouhani: No believer can deny the authenticity of Irfan in its true meaning, but the real Irfan is from the Quran, and narrations from infallibles (AS), and the introduction of real Irfan is to know Imam Zaman (AJ). But fake experts in Gnosticism (fake Arifs) who have replaced love instead of wisdom, and have mentioned fake narrations in their publications about the definition of love, must be avoided. Imam Ali (AS) said: Indeed, by God’s permission, Imams (AS) show the right way to people, and are agents of Allah (SWT) for God’s servants. No one will enter paradise unless he/she knows them (Imams (AS)), and they know him/her; and no one will enter hell except the one who denies them (Imams (AS)), and they do not know him/her [1]. Therefore, must avoid the fake experts in Gnosticism who sometimes consider Mathnawi/Masnavi higher than the Quran, and sometimes consider a hair of their moustache equal to the Quran. This is a long story and cannot be concluded with this brief explanation.


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