“Pray for Yemen, Al Saud is bombing us to the stone age,” says retired General Abu Salman Al Yemeni

SHAFAQNA – Since late Wednesday, Yemen has been bombed from the air by Saudi Arabia and its military coalition — Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE, Sudan, Kuwait, Turkey and other powers.
For five days fire has rained on Yemen and civilians have been left fearing for their lives.
The poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is also the most populous country in the region. 
“My beautiful country is being destroyed by criminals … Hadi has called on the destruction of his own people … We will never forget that he called for our sons and daughters to be killed where they stand. Yemen is being obliterated! Shame on you Arab countries! Where were you with your planes and your bombs when Israel was attacking Gaza last summer? Where were you when the Zionists invaded Palestine? Where were you when Israel declared war on unarmed civilians? Your greed and your treachery are now visible to all and Yemen will be your graveyard, said retired General Abu Salman Al Yemeni to Shafaqna in exclusive comments.


Below are images of destruction.


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