Prayer of Love – Poem



At bloody noon Mullah was deep in rosary and prayers

Among the tents, demanding whispers of others

When he made ablution with blood, it turned to doomsday

Love was his Qiblah, and in lunacy his prayer that day

Karbala, the genuflecting place for the emir of love

On his shoulders, blazing hot flames of love

Heavenly angels and saints burnt to ashes all

Laid eyes on doomsday Mullah

So at praising God while genuflecting, showed fondness

Said “Oh God! It’s me praying to you… Husayn!”

Said “Oh God! It’s me being slayed for You!

Having torn to pieces my body, on view

In every breath, my word is just Your Name

Ecstatic fully by Your dear Uniqueness

Body is of no value, order for life

Say whatever You desire, I’ll provide

Calling yYou today in the battlefield

While by arrows and stones being killed

Try me out that because of Your Love

With neither head nor cover I am qualified

Your love blazing hotter in my heart

When I see my children covered in blood

Where is the Judgment Day to watch me?!

Is it just able to deny me?!

By Mahdie Shahabi for Shafaqna

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