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Who are those who prefer self-satisfaction to God’s satisfaction?

SHAFAQNA – A self-centred human being’s target in life is to provide enjoyment for himself/herself. Meaning; he/she prefers his/her own satisfaction to God’s satisfaction, even if it leads to God’s anger. But the God-fearing person, acts only for the satisfaction of God, even if no personal enjoyment is involved, and his/her actions may even result in pain and difficulty. Therefore, the origin of targeting the world is for self-enjoyment, and for being self-centred. And if it may be said that: For such individuals, the world is the same as materialistic enjoyments. In another words, beside God and the human being we do not have the world, to imagine that someone either targets God or the world; but the reality is that the human being either targets his/her enjoyments and sees God as a tool to get to personal satisfaction; or targets God’s satisfaction and sees everything as a tool for God’s satisfaction [1].

[1] Rasael-e-Bandegy, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani (RA), Page 123.

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