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President of Ukraine appreciated his US conterpart during a phone conversation

Shafaqna – During a phone call, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, appreciated his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama for his effort and support regarding Ukraine peace agreement.

According to the website of the Ukraine president, “President Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with President of the United States Barack Obama”.

“The Head of State has expressed gratitude to the U.S. President for his personal support of Ukraine and a strong position demonstrated in the G7 statement”, the website added. Moreover, “The interlocutors have discussed the situation in Donbas and expressed concerns over the events unfolding around Debaltseve”.

Also, “The Ukrainian President has emphasized the need for monitoring by the OSCE to confirm the ceasefire.

“Petro Poroshenko and Barack Obama have agreed on further coordination of efforts in case of escalation of the conflict”.

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