Presidential advisor Akbar Torkan: Free zones to be established in border areas

SHAFAQNA- Tehran, 22 Sept – Presidential Advisor and Secretary of the High Council of Free Zones Akbar Torkan says one of the important plans of the government is to establish new free zones in border areas.

In line with implementation of the plan, he said, Inche-Boroun, Lotfabad and Dugharoun areas have been put on the table to become free zones following the recent presidential visit to Khorasan Razavi Province.


Torkan evaluated establishment of new free zones in the borders to be in line with development of trade and industrial transactions with the neighboring countries and said having closer ties with the neighbors is a measure the enemies cannot prevent.


Referring to the policies of ‘resistant economy’ and the effective role of the country’s free zones in implementation of these policies, he said one of the most strategic aspects of the ‘resistant economy’ for the free zones is establishment of good relations with the neighboring countries.


He referred to the free zones as a link between the national economy and attraction of foreign investments and added that each free zone can be considered a communication and trade bridge for transactions with the neighbors. “In order to attract investors the international atmosphere should become ready.”

Source : IRNA


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