PressTV/ Black Friday sales frenzy sparks chaos in Britain

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Manic bargain hunters create frenzied scenes in stores across Britain, which has had “Black Friday” – a day of promotional sales – imported from the US.

On Friday, British stores introduced the occasion, when retailers offer bargains, causing the police to be called to supermarkets and department stores that were besieged by public prowling for discount.

In London, the Metropolitan Police tweeted that “shoving people to the floor so you can get 20 pounds (USD 32) off a coffee machine is still an assault.”

“Keep calm people!” Manchester police tweeted after making three arrests following a woman was hit on the head by a falling television set at a Tesco supermarket.

Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, was forced to close outlets after fights broke out, staff were threatened, and police were called by both management and customers.

“People have been trampling on each other and it’s been akin to a mini-riot in some of the stores,” said Greater Manchester Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Ian Hopkins.

“A lady’s had her wrist broken, a member of the public in a wheelchair had a TV dropped on them and a security guard in one of the stores has been punched.”

Online shoppers also caused websites to crash.




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