Australian Muslims mark martyrdom anniversary of 3rd Shia Imam

SHAFAQNA – It might have been a normal weekday for Australians but for the Australian Muslims it was a day to commemorate the day of Ashura.
The day marks the martyrdom anniversary of the 3rd Shia Imam and a battle that he fought against evil for social justice and freedom and refusing to submit to oppression. Shia Muslims gather annually around the world to honour the courage of their Imam and spread the messages of peace in a symbolic movement of unity. In Sydney more than 7000 mourners came out for the 11th annual Ashura procession in memory of Imam Hussein with the message of peace. The parade comes only a day after an ISIL supporter shot and injured a Shia Muslim in front of his family outside a Sydney mosque leaving fears within the community. However in face of these terror plots on Australian soil the Shia community were not intimidated and came out in strong numbers condemning these terrorist attacks. The vast supporters of Ahsura marched down the streets of Sydney to the iconic Opera house upholding their traditions by beating their chests, lamenting and grieving capturing the attention of Sydney siders and spreading info about this holy event for people that took an interest. The Annual Ashura Procession which has been held since 2004 in Australia welcomes thousands each year with the sole intention of remembering and promoting the cause of Imama Hussein who stood up against tyranny and oppression and sacrificed his life for mankind, a legacy that has continued for more than a millennium.

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