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PressTV/ Controversial Hindu leader arrested following standoff

SHAFAQNA(Shia International News Association)- A controversial Hindu leader has been arrested by Indian police following a violent days-long standoff with his followers in the northern India.

Rampal Maharaj, a former engineer and self-styled spiritual guru, was arrested by police at his sprawling ashram in the northern Indian state of Haryana on Wednesday.

The 63-year-old guru, who has ignored 43 court summons since 2010, is wanted for questioning in relation to several criminal charges, including a murder case.

Haryana state government spokesman Jawahar Yadav said after medical examinations Rampal will be taken to the state capital Chandigarh to appear before a court on Friday.

On Wednesday, the bodies of four women who apparently died in unclear circumstances inside the complex were handed over to the police by the guru’s followers.

Earlier in the day, another woman and an 18-month-old infant also died in a hospital after leaving the complex.

Clashes broke out between supporters of Maharaj and security forces on Tuesday, leaving around 200 people injured.

Police forces were trying to enter Rampal’s heavily-protected ashram to arrest him.

Rampal is accused of inciting deadly clashes between his followers and another group in 2006, which claimed the life of one person.





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