PressTV/ GOP,Dems ‘rigged US election process’

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Democrats and Republicans have “rigged” the US election process to retain control at all levels of government and maintain their status as the dominant political parties pursuing the same policies, says the political director of the Libertarian Party.

“The 2014 midterm election in the US demonstrated once again that Americans are rejecting the political policies of reigning Democrats and Republicans which are virtually the same policies,” Carla Howell told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Having essentially rigged the election process to a large degree, the two old parties retain control at all levels of government- but at a high cost.

“They had to spend an estimated $3.7 billion, shattering previous spending levels for midterm. In spite of this, voter turnout was low and many Libertarian candidates who spent virtually no money show impressive vote totals.

“Democrats and Republicans spent $3.7 billion attacking each other and avoiding substantive debate.

“Democrats and Republicans kept the election dialog on relatively trivial issues while avoiding discussion on issues of far greater concern to most Americans: mass surveillance, war, regulations that choke the economy, high taxes, Obamacare, government debt, and high government spending.

“They also put substantial energy into keeping the Libertarian candidates off the ballot. They launched frivolous charges backed by their allies in key positions on Election boards, in the judicial system, and in the media.

“While most Libertarian candidates survived the challenges, the Democrats and Republicans’ [attacks] served to distract Libertarian candidates from campaigning.

“They managed to throw two statewide candidates off the ballot in Ohio. And in a state Senate race in New York, while they failed to keep a Libertarian off the ballot for state Senate, they managed to mislead and confuse many voters into believing she was not in the race.

“We continue to see Libertarian candidates in highly contested races where they threaten to change the outcome of the election. For example, in Florida, Virginia, Kansas, and North Carolina, Libertarians won more votes than the spread between Democrats and Republicans in key Senate and governor races.

“While young voters remain notorious for sitting out midterm elections, those who do vote are voting Libertarian in much higher numbers. We’ll see their impact much more in 2016 when even more votes for Libertarians will show that Americans are demanding much less government, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and more freedom,” Howell concluded.

Republicans picked up at least seven Senate seats in Tuesday’s votes, securing a majority in the 100-member chamber. They also won more seats in the House of Representatives, further consolidating their power in the US Congress.




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