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PressTV/ Massive anti-corruption rally held in Budapest

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Over 10,000 Hungarians staged a protest in the country’s capital Budapest, calling for the ouster of the head of the tax authority and greater accountability from the government.

Monday’s demonstration, which was held outside the parliament, was sparked by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s refusal to dismiss Ildikó Vida, the head of Hungary’s tax collection agency.

Vida was recently denied entrance into the United States due to alleged corruption ties.

Protest organizer Balazs Nemes said that the whole political system was to blame for the country’s problems.

“We are not here to bury a government but to bury a system,” he said.

The demo, dubbed “Public Outrage Day,” was Budapest’s fourth large anti-government protest during the past month.

Smaller demonstrations were also held in 20 other Hungarian cities and in some European capitals such as London, Berlin, and Stockholm.

On November 9, thousands of people took to the streets of Budapest to show their anger at the government’s corruption.

Protesters demanded Vida’s resignation, and some of her colleagues, who have also been accused of corruption.

The demonstration followed Washington’s banning of six unidentified Hungarian officials in October from entering the United States for “either engaging in or benefiting from corruption.”

Vida, who is the first of the six officials to go public, has denied the accusations and refused to step down.

Gábor Vágó, a former Hungarian lawmaker from the Politics Can Be Different party, called on Vida and her colleagues to resign and urged the European Union to investigate the tax agency.





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