PressTV/ Obama set to unveil immigration plan

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- US President Barack Obama is set to announce an immigration plan that will prevent the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, placing the White House on a collision course with the Republican members of Congress.

Obama is scheduled to address the public on Thursday at 8:00 pm (0100 GMT Friday) to unveil the plan to reform the immigration system by issuing executive order, which could protect up to five million of the about 11 million immigrants — most of them from Mexico and Central America — from deportation.

These immigrants are living and working in the United States without having proper documents.

“Everyone agrees that our immigration system is broken,” Obama said in a video message on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately Washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long. And so what I’m going to be laying out is the things that I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better even as I continue to work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem,” he added.

However, the US president’s new potential policy change is likely to leave the fate of millions of other immigrants with criminal convictions unresolved.

The Republicans, who will control both houses of Congress in January, vowed to fight against any changes made by the White House by bypassing Congress.

The Republican Party has not only captured a majority in the Senate in the November 4 midterm elections, but it has also achieved a historic victory in the House of Representatives.

This has put Obama’s rivals in charge of both chambers of Congress during his last two crucial years in office, making life difficult for a president who is looking to establish his legacy with his second term entering a lame-duck phase.





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