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PressTV/ Occupy London activists gather outside Parliament

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Occupy London activists have gathered outside the British Parliament to protest the government’s austerity measures.

The protesters have gathered just meters from the Parliament, saying they oppose to a political system they feel favors banks, corporations and the very rich.

On Friday, British police clashed with the protesters, after they moved towards Downing Street. Some hundred protesters formed a blockade around the square, holding banners reading “real democracy now” and chanting “the police should be helping us.”

Occupy London organizers have urged their supporters to return to Parliament Square from Friday evening until late Sunday.

The protesters are demanding real democracy, saying in the last 3 years, debt and inequality have been on the rise in the UK, coupled with harsher austerity measures.In mid-October, there were a series of clashes with police on Parliament Square as Occupy activists stood their ground for nine days.

Members of the anti-poverty Occupy movement in the UK say they will continue to use all available tools at their disposal to force the establishment to do something about what they call the stifling social and economic inequality in the country.




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