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PressTV/African Union gives Burkinabe military ultimatum

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- The African Union has given Burkina Faso’s army a two-week ultimatum to return power to civilian authorities or face sanctions.

“We ask the armed forces to transfer power to the civil authorities and the council has determined a period of two weeks for the transfer,” said head of the AU’s Peace and Security Council, Simeon Oyono Esono, on Monday.

“The African Union is convinced that the change has been against democracy. However, we know that popular pressure led to the resignation of the president,” he added.

The United Nations and the European Union have also called on the army to return civilian power.

Earlier in the day, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Yacouba Zida, the country’s acting head of state, promised to cede power to a transitional government.

He said the country would be led by “a transitional body within the constitutional framework” and noted that such governing authority was to be ruled by a leader chosen by all sectors of the society.

On Saturday, military leaders named Zida, the deputy commander of the elite presidential guard, to lead the country’s transition.

The army took control following former President Blaise Compaoré’s stepping down on Friday after violent demonstrations were held against his attempt to lengthen his 27-year-rule.

Compaoré, who has reportedly fled to neighboring Ivory Coast with some of his family members, first took power in a coup in 1987 and has emerged victorious in four elections since then.


Source: PressTv


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