Preying on the young & the vulnerable … Western civilization?

SHAFAQNA – If not for the presence of a British journalist in Lille – northern French city – the world might have missed a grand European … or should I say Western display of sickening malice and depraved arrogance.

A news report in The Independent read this Thursday: “England fans have been accused of making a seven-year-old boy drink “a whole beer in exchange for some coins” in the French town of Lille ahead of Thursday’s Euro 2016 match against Wales.

The incident was witnessed by Michael Stothard, the Paris correspondent for the Financial Times, who claimed that a group of England fans would only give the young boy some money if he downed a beer in front of them.

Mr Stothard posted a picture on his Twitter account showing the boy, who could not be identified, and included the caption: “England fans in Lille just got begging 7 year old to down a whole beer in exchange for some coins. #EURO2016.”

While those football fans – their nationality is rather irrelevant at this point – might have thought clever to taunt the young boy with alcohol under the assumption that he had to be Muslims, their actions hold a dangerous mirror to Western society.

As officials continue to promote secularism, arguing that only by driving God out of the public sphere will Men truly find freedom, it is such odious acts which are committed in the name of such liberalism.

We live in a world today where poverty and certain ethnic markers have become stigma to be preyed upon, and mocked.

When did child abuse become a Western coat of arms? How does the misery of a child …. whatever his origins, or his faith justify such atrocious malice?

Is it true that our collective obsession for the material, our pursuit of worldly pleasures, our desire to live unshackled by moral obligations, and ethic have actually allowed for Society to revert back to the darkness?

Is that the new secular world order we are running towards, all the while sneering at God?


By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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