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Prince Ali Seraj of Afghanistan calls for drastic stand against Daesh aka ISIL


SHAFAQNA – I implore all the Islamic Religion Clerics, Mullahs, Imams and all other leaders from every Islamic nation in the world, to convene a Religious (SHURA), conference, in Mecca.

During this conference, all those attending, must, in one voice, under oath, declare a FATWA against all terrorists, such as the ISIS/ISIL/DAESH/ AL NUSRA/ BOKO HARAM/ AL QAEDA/ TALIBAN/ TTP/ LASHKAR E TAYEBA and any and all other off shoots of these terror organizations, who are murdering thousands of innocent human beings of various religious sects,  in the name of Islam.
They all must be condemned in the name Allah All Mighty (SWT) and stripped, not only of the shroud of Islam that they are hiding under, but also of their respective citizenships, of the countries that they belong  to.
It is the religious responsibility of the ISLAMIC SHURA to unite their forces to wipe these sinners, who have emerged from hell, from every corner of their nations from Nigeria to Somalia,  Libya, to Iraq,  Syria, to Egypt,  Pakistan to Afghanistan, to China and all those other nations where they have built their nests.  The SHURA must cut off all funding and to punish those funding the enemies of the Glorious Peaceful Religion of Islam.
To do less, the SHURA will be equally guilty of the heinous crimes that are being committed by these Godless Murderers.
It is time that we as Muslims stood up and defended our Religion, Heritage History and Honor. To sit back and wait for others to defend our Religion and save our lands is shameful and against the norms of ISLAM.
We must, once and for all,  get rid of the ISLAMOPHOBIA that the terrorists have promoted throughout the world.
May Allah All Mighty (SWT) give the Islamic Religious  Leaders the Wisdom, Courage and Determination to fulfill their rightful duties in defining the true meaning of the Great Religion of Islam.
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