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Prince Ali Seraj to Shafaqna: Looking beyond the political smokescreen of Islamophobia and Extremism – What is the real face of terror?

Forced into exile by the Soviets in 1978, Afghan Prince Ali Seraj has remained instrumental in his country’s affairs, working from afar to reaffirm Afghanistan’s independence under the grip of foreign powers. A member of Afghanistan’s royal family and one of the keepers of Afghan tradition, Prince Ali has vowed not only to restore Afghanistan to its former glory but to speak for those who cannot.

A man with many hats, Prince Ali who has bene most outspoken about his rejection of terror and extremism in all its forms sat down with Shafaqna to discuss Islamophobia, anti-Muslim sentiments in the western world and moving forward.

As he points out, only together will the Muslim community can hope to defeat the evil which is terror.

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