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Professor of Seminary and University: One Feature of Endowment is Separating from Dependencies

SHAFAQNA- A professor of seminary and university said that one of characteristics of endowment (waqf) is that humans are cut off from affiliations. When cut off from the worldly matters, humans can fly and ascend.
According to Astan News, Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Mahdavirad at the scientific conference “Imam Reza (A.S.) and waqf” held coincided with the last day of the week of endowment at the Islamic Research Foundation of Quds Razavi, attended by a group of researchers said, “The endowment has different dimensions and one of its most important aspects is its effect on the endower himself.”
He stated: “God created mankind as the best creatures, and provided people with many gifts and facilities to use; but sometimes this exploitation keeps the human being away from the real goal. Therefore, Allah Almighty has commanded Zakat and charity, and has asked the man to forgive and sacrifice what he loves.”
Noting that endowment is one of the factors that helps man becomes free, the Qur’an scholar added, “It is the good remnants that remain for humans, but we should use what we have in this world for that world.”
He said, “The charity is for not letting the man rebel. Allah Almighty through the teachings in the Holy Qur’an and the great Prophet of Islam (S.A.W) cuts man from the worldly affiliations. The prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) has come to unlock the chains and abandon human beings.”
Referring to the fact that great works in Islamic history were supported by great events, Dr. Mahdavirad stated, “The endowment has a very high position with many blessings and outcomes. The endowment exists in all schools of thought across the world.”
“We have a lot of works left over from ancient texts, that need to be introduced by the institutes such as the Islamic Research Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi and we must show the supreme manifestations of Shiite and religious civilization”, he added.
The professor at the seminary and the university said, “Modern and up-to-date speech, if not rooted in the tradition, is of no use. The good words must have root, source, and foundation.”
It should be noted that on the sidelines of the ceremony, the book titled “The Role of Endowment in Promoting the Culture of Pilgrimage” was unveiled.

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