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Why did the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) emphasize recitation of the holy Quran in any condition?

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) told Imam Ali (AS): Ali, recite the holy Quran in any condition [1]. The Prophet (PBUH) recommended the recitation of the holy Quran in order to connect with it. If in the Islamic societies, people connect with the Quran, in a way that the concepts of the Quran is alive in their minds, then there is a great a chance that the majority of the people in these societies will adopt Islamic teachings in every aspects of their lives. When the Prophet (PBUH) recommended recitation of the Quran in any condition, it means not only in Ramadhan or some specific occasions but to recite it throughout the year and in any condition; for example in travel, in the house, outside the house, at work, and wherever and whenever possible. The Quran must be recited with concentration whilst paying attention to the correct meaning of its words with total humbleness towards Allah (SWT).

[1] Al-Shafi, Page 829.

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